Thursday, October 21, 2010

Supermarket plans thrown into turmoil

Its a good decision to refuse Tesco permission for new windows and doors etc as they would have drastically changed the appearance of the former Friendship Inn, with the top and bottom parts of the building also mismatching - but permission should have been refused for the cash machine, condenser and air conditioning units too. Discussions referred to in the report below should include representatives of the local community in broad terms, not just council officers and/or councillors, though I strongly suspect it wont as Tesco have had no such contact right from the start - that's how interested in the local community they are!!

PLANS to turn a former pub into a Tesco Express store have been thrown into turmoil because councillors have refused to give planning permission for a new shopfront.

...Afterwards a planning consultant working for Tesco said the decision was frustrating and there would now be a meeting to discuss the issue, before the company made its next move...

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