Friday, December 17, 2010

Poll: 56% support the alternative vote

The campaign to reform Britain’s voting system has been boosted by a new opinion poll showing that a majority of the public supports change.
An ICM Research survey for the Electoral Reform Society found that 56 per cent of people favour the alternative vote (AV), in which voters rank candidates in order of preference, while only 44 per cent want to retain the existing first-past-the-post system...

Clegg to be sidelined from his pet project - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

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  1. This is roughly what I found when my 16-18 year old student group debated FPTP vs AV. The majority were in favour of a change.

    The main argument against seems to be simplicity, and the fact that everyone can understand FPTP. On all other aspects, AV seems to have a slight edge, even though it is not proportional.


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