Monday, April 19, 2010

No Clegg 'bounce' here - on policies!!

Green Party policies are still by far the most popular in this 'blind' online test. I reported on this policy test after 91,000 votes had been cast but before the first 'leaders debate' and the Greens then had a very clear lead. Now, after nearly 141,000 votes and after the first 'leaders debate' and despite the Clegg/Lib Dem bounce up in the polls, Greens still have almost a ten point lead (see screenshot, click to enlarge).


  1. It's hardly 'blind', it's been spread through facebook and the like so it's 140,000 people of facebook demographic. 27% for green, but %10 for BNP? BNP doesn't even come close to that in true blind polls.

  2. You misunderstand my use of the term 'blind' here. By blind I mean that when people are choosing the policies they like best they dont know which party the policies come from - until the end result.

    Yes, the sample is, obviously people who go online. Having said that, going online is now very common AND the sample is huge - opinion pollsters might question 1000, 2000 people but this sample is over 140,000!


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