Monday, March 21, 2011

Military action in Libya

This * seemed like a sensible initial position on the Libya no-fly zone for the Greens. Given what Caroline Lucas said on last weeks Question Time, clearly siding with former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie on the panel in opposing military action, things have changed. On this issue I find myself in opposition to the Greens leader, for once, if not my party. MacKenzie basically said '‎'Not worth it...Nothing to do with us...' which is surely not something Greens want to be associated with - I certainly dont.

*On the subject of a no-fly zone, a Green Party spokesperson said:

"We are not ruling out support for a no-fly zone, but it would need to be very carefully handled and would need the support of countries in the region. It would have to be something that the civilian population wanted, and only be enforced to protect the civilian population.

"Past no-fly zones have not always achieved the desired outcome and have not always protected the civilian population.

"Most importantly, the UN Security Council must refer the situation in Libya to the International Criminal Court. Colonel al-Gaddafi must understand that all those responsible for carrying out attacks on civilians will be held to account."


  1. It's my right to be anonymous. In a free country and all that...

    Unfortunately, what 'started' as a no-fly zone is already way past that, with attacks on columns of armoured vehicles and an attempt to kill Gadaffi himself.

    You can't put the genie back in the bottle and if it goes wrong, you can't wash your hands of it and say "oh, I didn't mean THAT!

  2. Anonymous - its my right to moderate my blog as I see fit as I am publishing it and have to take responsibility. I dont see why if my comments are public so that I can be held to account why yours shouldn't be the same in this case.

    Do you have a need to hide your identity and if so what is this need? A country is generally more likely to be free if people are open and accountable.

    You raise some key issues and take the debate forward so I'm happy to publish your comments in this instance.

    The current military action is within the fairly wide ranging UN resolution and consistent with protecting civilians so I'm supportive of it. There has been no direct attempt to kill Gaddafi as far as I can see, though debate on this matter is pretty confusing at present.

    Yes, military action can go out of control and you cant wash your hands of it. Its highly problematic. Equally there is a great risk of mass slaughter of civilians if no action is taken and we should not wash our hands of that!

    I'm opposed to 'none of our business, nothing to do with us, not worth it, cant and should not do anything to help' thinking. There are consequences, intended and unintended for both military action and no military action. It cant always be no and never to military action.


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