Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stop BRT2

Passing on details of this site and campaign. I'm preparing some emails to send to the relevant cabinet members and councillors asking questions and opposing the scheme.

We want BRT2 stopped because
It will not achieve its primary goal of addressing Bristol's transport problems and needs.
It will not achieve its goal because it is a flawed plan, badly designed, too expensive, and will have adverse effects on the city, the environment, and local people.

STOP BRT2 | . . . there are better ways

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  1. BRT2 is a crazy and destructive scheme!
    Why would anyone think it a good idea to trash the New Cut so that people who don`t live live in Bristol can travel more easily?
    What about the pedestrians and cyclists already enjoying the relatively undisturbed chocolate path? What about congestion on the Prince Street bridge bottleneck?


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