Friday, August 17, 2007

Inquiry to be conducted into bungling council's tree management

So, Knowle's Poplar trees are certain for the chop next week. The report by independent contractors, Silvanus Services Ltd, published on the Bristol City Council website, clearly makes the expert observations that arm Greens to point the finger of blame at the council for this.

It seem highly likely that the council's tree care and management will be heavily criticised and required to change due to the inquiry that has now been launched ('Inquiry as trees face axe', Bristol Evening Post, 17 August) headed by Knowle Lib Dem Cllr Gary Hopkins.

At least some good for Bristol's other trees may come out of this sorry situation. The Poplar tree felling will leave locals with a major negative change in their local environment for years, instead of properly managed, gradual change as the trees came to the end of their life

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  1. I've not seen or heard anything. Does not seem that council's actions/policies are any better at all. Looks like I seriously overstated what an inquiry could/would achieve (ie I was wrong!!)


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