Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yr on yr loss of green spaces

Great letter on loss of Bristol's green spaces from Chris Miller today. I've commented twice this month alone on the flogging off of allotment land for house building so there's a few clear exmples for a start! Pigs can fly, the Earth is flat, and Bristol City Council's 'green capital' plans really will make us a sustainable city!!


  1. You should find out some more about the council's policy innocuously entitled "Balanced and sustainable communities".
    It's all about delivering the 28,000 new homes the council's promised. Many of them are planned to go on their own land that they're now madly reclassifying as "low quality green space".
    Of course they've allowed expensive apartments to be built on most brown field sites now...
    Areas under largest threat are Hartcliffe and Knowle West (including places like the Northern Slopes).
    This is going to be BIG!!!

  2. Yes, I've been looking at where in South Bristol we could lose more open spaces to housing.

  3. Like the Blogger, I too wonder about what the City Council means by the phrase "balanced and sustainable communities". This was thrown into starker relief the other day when talking online to a friend who's just moved to Bristol from Cardiff: he reckons the divide between the haves and have-nots in Bristol is one of the worst he's ever seen and providing flats for yuppies in working class areas (think Urban Splash at Hartcliffe) isn't going to help, neither is the 'top-down' prescriptive approach of the nanny state to the problems of so-called 'deprived' areas such as Knowle West

  4. Housing policy locally and nationally is very poor.

    I'd like to see a radical change in the law with respect to land and its use, as well as radical decentralisation of power, giving neighbourhoods control over their own lives and community.


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