Thursday, June 25, 2009

Councillor Brown made "racial slur" and "breached code of conduct" but no sanction is required!?!

Can you square these two statements in todays local paper report about the council officer investigation of the 'coconut' slur used by Cllr Brown against Cllr Jethwa (pictured)? The council official first says,

"I am of the view that Councillor Brown breached the code of conduct for members in that she failed to treat a fellow councillor with respect by using a racial slur during the full council debate on February 24."

But goes on to say,

"If I am asked to recommend a sanction then I would say that no further action is required given that Councillor Brown apologised for her comments."

Rules for behaviour mean little or nothing if they are not enforced - ask any parent, teacher, lawyer...We need to expect and demand more from people elected to represent us, whether its over expenses, behaviour and language use in debates, behaviour that is reasonably consistent with policies they are advocating for the rest of us, or whatever.


  1. I am white, so therefore I should be oh-so offended by the "coconut" jibe.

    I stop short of wanting people to be punished for it. This political correctness rubbish has gone way too far.

    Freedom of speech? Remember that? Now, it's only freedom of speech unless it upsets someone. What sort of freedom of speech is that? No freedom at all.

    The PC left have sleepwalked us into 1984. I don't give a flying kak whether I am called a honky, tonky, cracker toothed git for all I care, I am an adult and don't want to see people put in prison/sacked for hurting my feelings.

    Why can't everybody grow up - it's like kids "You can't say that, you'll get in trouble, I'll tell teacher"

    I will defend the right for Cllr Brown to call me a cocunut, cracker or a honky as her freedom of speech is more important than my own feelings needing to be protected.

    Unfortunately we are a nation of gutless cowards who seek to shut the mouths of other whom we disagree with.

  2. Where would you draw the line then Anon? Would you not draw a line about what it is acceptable and not acceptable to say anywhere at all?? Is it anything goes for you??

    For me its not just about offending people or hurt feelings - its also about dignity, tolerance and respect, which I expect to see in elected representatives. In Cllr Brown's case its also about not being hypocritical, given that she was participating in a debate about equality and used a term that showed she was thinking about differences!

    Its not just about adults either. Dont we want to encourage and enable all our kids to have decent, non-racist/anti-racist standards? Dont we want good examples therefore to be set throughout society and not least from those we elect? Is it a 'grown up' behaviour for Cllr Brown to behave like this?? For me its immaturity and ignorance.

  3. Hey, Glen - I agree totally - this is very dumb behaviour.

    The answer is - there is NO line to draw.

    Either it is ALL OK, or NONE of it is OK.

    Yes - anything goes. People are allowed to have their own thoughts, and what comes out of their mouths is up to them - we don't have to agree, we can disagree, and idiots like Cllr Brown get their comeuppance with the lack of respect everyone now holds against her - but no more.

    The problem is with drawing a line, is who draws it, and where the line is. The BBC/New Lab are trying desparately to link the right wing to "racism", so what next? Any right wing view expressed is banned?

    To me, freedom of speech is more sacred and divine than anything the combined religions of the globe can muster.

    With regard to children, if we step back in to the real world, we sometimes have to teach children to be careful.

    For example, there is clearly a problem with certain ethnic groups targeting the young women of other certain racial groups for prostitution, which is NOT based on race but on a religious and cultural view of these non-racially "pure" women as less worthy and fair game for exploitation.

    Is it therefore not dangerous to teach these young women to view everyone as equal and benevolent?

  4. Problem is that Cllr Brown has not really got her comeuppance (great term by the way - I use it a lot in speech and must try to use it more in my blog entries!!). Cllr Brown may never get the appropriate comeuppance - being thrown out by the electorate - because voters are not allowed a say until she is next up for election, which is years away. We need a petition for recall system so people can be held to account between elections.

    I understand your general point though Anon. Its a stance that most people would disagree with I suspect. If we had in place alternative ways of holding people to account for what they say and do I would be more inclined to agree with you - and I do think we have gone too far with the law on what we can and cant legally say about religion(s)....

  5. Totally agree on the recall system - but just have to be careful who weilds the sledgehammer of authorising petitions.

    I would argue a penalty of a sharia-esque death by cocunuting would be apt!

    Seriously though - did you hear the comments of the other councillers to Jay Jethwa and co "who put you up to this Jay, these aren't your words" and "come on conservatives, say what you REALLY mean".

    If in this instance we allow someone to get the boot for a racial slur, we turn this thing into a weapon, and god knows, lots of decent people occasionally get words the wrong way, and racism is subjective term. The BME councillers, and the white guiltist labour/lib dems will use this term to depose as many Cons councilers as possible.

    I am not a conservative, but I know that this sort of system where racist comments get you out, would be used as a tool for whipping up anti-white feeling by the LibDems and Lab.


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