Friday, April 30, 2010

BBC News - Police probe Twitter votes gaffe by Bristol candidate

BBC News - Police probe Twitter votes gaffe by Bristol candidate

Bristol East surely deserves an MP who thinks before they act, who has a decent understanding of electoral law - and in fact a bit of good sense and responsibility about what is fair play to other candidates and to voters during an election??

A Labour candidate has apologised for revealing a sample of postal votes on the social networking website Twitter.

Bristol East candidate and party 'Twitter tsar' Kerry McCarthy said she was "kicking herself" after the gaffe.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary said it was looking into a possible alleged breach of electoral law.
It is illegal to reveal the votes cast before the end of polling day because it may influence the outcome of the election.

A Bristol City Council spokesman said the authority had reported the matter to the police after Ms McCarthy brought it to their attention.


  1. What I want to know is why a candidate has access to these results.

  2. I have listen to all the comments about the two party joining; have they thought about asking the people to phone in if they would like the three parties to join together and rule the country? That way they would be working together to govern the country.They would have to be transparent, have they forgotten Margret Thacher? Everyone thought she was working for the people but it was not so. We want a transparent government to rule; we want a government to rule on the grounds, what's good for the people and country. (One for all and all for one.) Why don't they have a phone in vote; Yes if they want the three parties to join together and service us or No, they want a second Margret Thatcher - coming in the form of David Cameron? The people should decide and not them. A three party working together should do a better job; we fail last Thursday, this time we won't be voting for a bunch of parties just two y have to be transparent if they work, this time we would be voting Yes or No.

  3. Let the people decide. In school teachers want to find great ideas, they put their pupils int three group, that they can come up with great ideas and then bring them together to form a great idea, why can’t the the three parties work that way. I was listening to John John Major and if you read between the line, GB can’t deliver so what make them think if two parties join together they would be any better. Something similar is taking place in Europe and they aren’t happy so why try it here. It would be a great idea if they put their heads together to govern the country and do the job. We know they have some wonderful idea, those great ideas didn’t come from one party and stop running about like headless chicken. We need a triangle system, it’s got to be better than what they are planning to do to us, the people that voted for them. we could look at it as a sign that one or two joining together could bring disaster. I would vote and am sure lots of people would have a second chance to vote. The people would feel much better if they have a transparent triangle. All the parties would be working for all the people and part of the people.


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