Monday, January 28, 2008

Sign my new petition: Protect and enhance green spaces instead of flogging them to developers

Well said Geoff Collard, writing in todays Bristol Evening Post (Feedback: 'The Threat to Bristol's Green Spaces') !! We should be protecting and enhancing green spaces not flogging them off for development. You can sign my e-petition against the plans on the city council website (approved today), here: (see details below).

The Petitioner....wants Bristol City Council to be genuine about its 'UK green capital' ambition and abandon any plans to sell off hundreds of acres of green space and parkland, instead adopting a policy of protecting and enhancing them.

Background Information
Its recently been very widely reported in the local media and elsewhere (see )that there are plans to sell off acre after acre of green space and parkland to developers. It is the view of some that the figure could end up being even more than the reports in local papers suggest!! This intention to flog off green space acre after acre is completely inconsistent with the ambition to be the 'UK green capital' and many pronouncements on tackling climate change, enhancing human health and wellbeing, protecting wildlife and biodiversity, and making the city better able to cope with heavy rainfall causing serious flood risk. The plans are also at odds with what Bristol's people want, and expected, from the council following recent consultations.

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