Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bristol City Council are having us on with their 'green capital' nonsense

This story 'Threat to City Parks' in today's Bristol Evening Post shows just how little Bristol City Council really cares about the environment here. Green space is one of the main assets we have and one of the key reasons why there is any credibility at all in any 'green city' claims. Clearly the plans to flog off hundreds of acres of green space show that the City Council is having us on with its 'UK's green capital' ambition.

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  1. Shame on Bristol City Council for thinking they can flog off green space for housing: the city's green spaces are one of its most attractive features and make life here tolerable, whilst Bristol City Council, its waste, incompetence, half-baked ideas and all-round mediocrity do the opposite.

    In addition, lots of our green space was given in perpetuity for the benefit of the people of Bristol. In such instances the City Council is supposed to look after them on our behalf. However, they have not always acted in the interests of the citizenry in general in relation to these spaces, as has happened with Packer's Field, now under the control of Ray 'Turbulent' Priest's City Academy.


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