Wednesday, May 14, 2008

None of them really want to run Bristol: so why do they stand for election??

Just take a look at the report in todays local paper ('Labour shocked to be in power', Bristol Evening Post, 14 May 2008) if you want confirmation (which you probably dont) of the pathetic group behaviour of Tory, Liberal and Labour Councillors on Bristol City Council:

Liberal Democrats on Bristol City Council have been accused of "bottling it" after passing up the opportunity of taking power, leaving a clearly stunned Labour Party still in charge.Labour council leader Helen Holland had every reason to expect she would be replaced by the Lib Dems' Barbara Janke after the council's Conservative group announced it would no longer back Labour in crucial votes. Instead, she held on to her £29,000-a-year job and announced afterwards that it would be "business as usual" over the next 12 months.
The drama unfolded at the Council House, on College Green, during the annual meeting of the 70-member "hung" council......

What an absolute fiasco! Sounds to me like none of them actually want to run the city at all!! So then, on what basis did they stand for election? Why did they bother??


  1. Glenn

    Why do you get the impression Labour don't want to run the city?

  2. Well, at least they have taken it on, so perhaps they do come out of the situation best I acknowledge. They are going to give it a go.

    However, they will have to take tough decisions when they dont have proper control of the council. At the same time they are desperate to build up popularity which has nosedived of late (unlike their opposition). They know that is going to be very hard and that it maximises the political opportunities of their opponents.

    Over the coming yrs this may well contribute fuel for yet more very bad local election results, Euro election results, and then bad general election results.


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