Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bristol to Bath Railway Path land sell-off

Letter objecting to sell-off of land near/on Bristol to Bath Railway Path sent this morning to Bristol City Council and . I urge others to object in writing too. Acanthus Ferguson Mann (see image) are the architects retained by developer Squarepeg. See the Green Bristol Blog and Bristol Blogger sites for more infromation on the issue, especially the lack of openness and public participation.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Railway Path land sell-off, Greenbank

I'm very concerned about the proposed Railway Path land sell-off at Greenbank, Bristol, linked with the planned development of the former chocolate factory. I'd like to register an objection to the sale of this land.

I dont want any of the green corridor of the Railway Path lost. The mature vegetation supports a wide range of biodiversity which would be adversely affected by the plans. In addition the greenery absorbs carbon from the air and the area would be less effective at doing so if developed. Users of the path are likely to experience a loss of visual amenity and the feel of the place will change negatively if developed as suggested.

I'm dismayed and unhappy that consultation on the land sell-off is completely lacking. The City Council are breaking at least the spirit of their stated openness and participation policies. One cant help but feel that behind the scenes its all a 'done deal' before it eventually reaches the public domain via planning processes.

I'd appreciate a response telling me exactly what the current situation is and how the council and developers respond to accusations of cutting biodiversity, reducing the carbon sink effect and reducing visual amenity with their plans.

Yours sincerely

Glenn Vowles


  1. Hi everybody, some local residents have now set up a blog with the aim of promoting discussion on this issue.

  2. Has the Bristol Green Party got a policy on this issue yet Glenn?

    There's just been silence from politicians so far.

  3. No formal policy as yet except the green spaces one on the website.

    I have posted details of the issue on the local email list (though people are bound to have seen all the blog coverage). Will be discussing it at next Bristol South Greens meeting on 9 Sept. Chris Hutt has been in contact with some Greens from East Bristol for a while.

    I'd like to have seen more dynamism from the Greens though I wouldn't say they are renowned for it!

    Some distraction due to party conference, election of new, first ever leader and St George by-election and special council meeting on Sept 9 dealing wwith mass incinerator for Bristol issue, though.


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