Sunday, September 21, 2008

Make the right energy choices!

Green energy policy is first about efficiency and conservation, including funding free insulation for all homes (details here) which has the major advantages of avoiding means testing and maximising energy (and money) saving. The health, security, comfort and quality of our lives would all be much better for it - and the energy security of our country! We of course favour renewable energy sources like wind, solar and tidal power in general terms too. Getting a proper overall energy strategy is vital if we are to have the right emphasis on the right kinds of technologies in the right places eg Greens reject a Barrage across the Severn in favour of other tidal energy technologies like tidal lagoons and tidal stream turbines. Greens in the South West and in Wales are supporting the Stop the Barrage Now campaign, which has launched recently, and I'm very happy to be doing the liaison with this campaign for the party.

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