Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Planning Bill: ungreen; undemocratic

Very happy to support Friends of the Earth's campaign on the new Planning Bill. That the Bill currently makes no mention of climate change and would thus allow major road, airport or power station developments to proceed without considering this major environmental impact speaks volumes about the Govt approach to tackling - or rather not tackling - this issue. Their thinking is just not joined up. I've just sent the message below, produced by Friends of the Earth, to my MP Kerry McCarthy, who I've been very critical of in several debates on her blog eg here. I will blog about any reply I receive.

I believe it is vital for our Government to protect the right to be involved in decisions that affect our community, and ensure we consider climate change when deciding major infrastructure projects such as roads, airports and power stations.

In a recent opinion poll, 95% of people surveyed believed that climate change should be considered in decisions on major projects.

The Planning Bill creates a new Infrastructure Planning Commission that is undemocratic and unaccountable. It also creates a system of national policy statements which outline separate rather than integrated policy on major infrastructure.

I believe that the elected Government should take the big decisions on major infrastructure and should consider climate change.

Please speak in support of an amendment to the Planning Bill which states the need to consider climate change on the face of the Bill.

BBC report on previous opposition to the Planning Bill here.

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