Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tory/Labour pact running Bristol backs mass incineration option

The local Tory website includes a story entitled 'Tories boot big burner into touch' but then what did the Bristol Tories do in yesterday's debate on mass incineration for Bristol? They backed their Labour friends running the council and voted with them to allow the retention of the mass incineration option. Neither party has any green credibility at all.

But Mr Eddy and his party did not vote to throw out the policy, which includes an application to the Government next month for up to £80 million of public funding for the West's long-term waste treatment needs.
Instead, with Labour backing, they pushed through an amendment calling for "rigorous financial assessment" before any technology option was selected.
A small, all-party working group will be set up to look at ways to achieve greater cuts in the amount of waste households throw out.
A full outline business case will be referred to one of the council's scrutiny commissions on October 23, before a meeting of the ruling Labour cabinet on October 30. (full details here).

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