Friday, October 03, 2008

Wellbeing not growth, sustainable transport not a south Bristol ring road

Today's Bristol Evening Post reports that 'Plans to complete Bristol's ring road with a link across South Bristol will be put before the public next month.
A scheme is being put together to create a quicker transport link between the A370, the A38 and the existing A4174 ring road across the southern half of the city.'

We need to think and plan differently, with our health and wellbeing uppermost, instead of growth of this kind. Where does reducing our carbon emissions and our ecological footprint come in to these plans?? The very best available scientific evidence says that 'business as usual' plans for more roads, masses of houses, expanding air travel and loss of green space cannot be sustained.
More on the rong road issue:

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  1. At the Transport Forum last week, West of England were at pains to say the South Bristol Link will be either a road, or public transport, or both; all options will be considered.

    Then they went on the timetable for the link. Detailed survey and design work thorough 2010-2011, a public inquiry in 2012, approval in 2013, and construction from 2013 to 2015.

    Do you think they might have made their minds up?


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