Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tony Juniper and Sir Jonathon Porritt call on people to vote Green

Former Director of Friends of the Earth Tony Juniper and Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission Sir Jonathon Porritt call for people to vote Green in Euro and local elections this June. Very influential support indeed.


  1. Green Party members say vote green shock

  2. WOW!

    I remember reading a South Bristol FOE document a couple of decades ago in which Bristol FOE raised serious concerns about Porrits 'Personal ambitions' and agenda / priorities etc!

    Its almost enough to make me wonder whats going on! ........... almost!

  3. Point is that both Juniper and Porritt have a huge amount of knowledge, experience and influence. Both are now very active in directly helping the Green Party, and that this is relatively recent.

    The fact that both are greens and that they are both personnally ambitious is of course not news.


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