Monday, June 22, 2009

Anne Widdecombe for Speaker !!

If I was now an MP I'd be voting for Anne Widdecombe to be the new Speaker of the House of Commons. She's not my political colour of course and I dont agree with her views on religion but she is of very strong principle and conviction, she is, as far as I am aware, completely untainted by the expenses scandal, she is very independent-minded, is well known by the public and connects very well with them. Its important that we dont get yet another Speaker from the Labour Party because the last two have come from them. Crucially Anne has said that she would only be Speaker up to the next general election, which is very important for me. Its not right for the current House of Commons, which has many discredited MPs and procedures, to choose a Speaker to serve a long term in office. Far better for the credibility and reputation of the Speaker and of the House of Commons for a new set of MPs to make a choice of Speaker for the more usual, longer period in office.

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