Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Council Leader Janke backs new stadium and world cup bid

Stories relating to the proposed new Bristol City stadium and the possibility of World Cup football coming to Bristol abound - the Bristol Evening Post is really going to town on this one. Here (and here) are a few more stories in todays paper about Council Leader Barbara Janke support for the bid and new stadium and the support of a local publican (yesterday they had a story about support from 'Germany' as the Post exaggeratedly put it). My reaction to Barbara Janke's big involvement in the online comments is below.

Lib Dem Council Leader Barbara Janke is not the person who grants planning permission to BCFC. Permission is given or denied by the relevant planning committee following input from officers and members of the public etc. Planning committees are statutory not political in nature, at least they are supposed to be!! Whilst I hope that councillors also use their good sense when making judegments on planning applications they have to apply certain criteria - and world cup or premiership football aspirations are not amongst these (and in any case they are transient, uncertain factors).

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  1. I see the potential £100m in revenue the World Cup will allegedly generate has mutated into "£100 million of investment" in the Janke story.

    Where's Babs getting £100 million from then?

    Or don't the Post and/or the council know the difference between revenue and investment? (Clue: one's earned, the other's spent).


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