Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bristol East hustings

Bristol East hustings to come - all welcome to attend and put searching questions!!
1. This Friday 30th April, St John's Church, Lodge Causeway, 7.30pm. Organised by local churches and likely to cover all issues. Most candidates (including the invisible Tory Adeela Shafi) have been invited though I dont have a confirmed list.

2. Next Tuesday, 4th May, 7pm for 7.30pm debate at the City Academy, Russell Town Avenue. Organised by Greenpeace, so likely to focus in on issues like climate change, Trident nuclear weapons and so on. Labour, Tories, Libs and Greens will be present (not heard that TUSC or others will be there).


  1. "the invisible Adeela Shafi" ?

    Could you tell us
    a) how many hustings invitations you've taken up and how many you've missed?
    b) at how many of the hustings you've been to, Adeela has been there too ?

    (Note - this is NOT a pre-rehearsed question, it's not been discussed with Glenn)

  2. I've been to meetings/events organised by: St Brendans College; the Public and Commercial Services Union; and the Power 2010 campaign. Adeela received invites to all these but has not attended any of them - and has not sent a representative in her place either. So, can I assume that Adeela and her party are not interested enough in students, public services and democratic reform??

    I guess its only three occasions in my experience but the Evening Post has reported how she has gone to ground especially since the press reports about her financial problems and other candidates tell me they have not seen much of her either. Of course she may well attend the Fishponds Churches and Greenpeace meetings I've referred to, that remains to be seen, and she may have attended meetings I've not been invited to or been made aware of.

    I've attended every event I've been invited to and each time there has been zero Conservative representation.

  3. Strange. I did manage to contact her office (though the website has no phone number or email - the only easy way to get in touch is to donate money!).

    They tell me she'll make an appearance at the hustings this evening.

  4. Yes, I met her for the first time at the St Johns Church meeting. She presented herself very well - shame the policies are all wrong.

    I think she will speak at the Greenpeace organised meeting tonight also. It will be interesting to ask the Labour and Tory candidates about the record of successive governments putting sustainable development into practice over the last 30 yrs.


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