Thursday, January 21, 2010


What is all this irrational nonsense about bulldozing one BCFC stadium to build another just down the road - and demolishing one Sainsbury's just up the road only to construct down the road!! Funny old world innit!! Great post on my green friend and colleague Tony Dyer's blog looks at this issue in detail:


  1. Point is that a) justification for expansion has been poor, b) both could have chosen to expand on their existing sites to some degree c)the social and environmental impact of what is proposed is very high in times when we are supposed to be signed up to sustainable development d)what we need is to develop in a human scale way...

  2. That's correct Glenn. both parties could have expanded on their present sites to some degree.
    That is the point in a nutshell (to some degree) but not the degree they want to.

    Go back a few years, did you move to Somerset Rd from a smaller dwelling and increase your family unit by desire? I don't know but I'm assuming you did.

    How many people opposed your plans?
    You may well argue that your house was already there, but try building the thousands of victorian houses in Knowle nowadays on what was then a leafy Bristol suburb.

    Tony Dyers blog is a misrepresentation of facts and at best a boyish attempt to ridicule the current proposals.

    His other article on Knowle west though is very good and thought provoking.


    Richard Lane


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