Friday, January 15, 2010

'Knowledge' newsletter contributions

Been writing a series of brief articles on 'saving money, living healthily and going green' for Knowle West's 'Knowledge' newsletter for some time now. Thought I'd highlight them. There has always been a link to each article published in the right hand column of this blog - scroll down until you get to 'Green Scene: save money, live healthily, go green' and you'll see a list of links. The latest article (just sent to the editor), on 'technology' is copied below and other topics I've covered so far are:

Green Scene: ‘Technology’

Ideas for being green, efficient and thrifty!

* if away from your computer for over an hour switch it to sleep mode or turn it off, a computer monitor left on overnight wastes enough energy to print hundreds of A4 pages

* get your old computers and phones reused or recycled, various charities are available, 7 litres of crude oil are used just to make the plastic in one computer system

* look for the energy rating system when buying electrical equipment and buy more efficient models

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