Monday, February 08, 2010

Consultation on Nuclear National Policy - ends 22nd Feb

Received from Stop Hinkley: To take part in the Government consultations [on nuclear power] go to: where you can also order hard copies of the consultation documents. Or call 0870 600 5533. Ask for all documents related to the nuclear policy statement and ‘justification’. Or send in your response by email to:

On the Stop Hinkley website you will find two letters addressed to Government departments. You can use them to respond to the consultations. Simply add your name and address and post to the address at the top of the letters. Alternately you can adapt them with your own words.[Also see previous blog entries*] Note: the consultation ends on 22nd February

Please forward this to as many people as possible and if you have any queries contact Stop

*You may find some of my previous blog entries, showing nuclear as fraught with technical and economic problems and sustainablitiy, waste and security issues useful.

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