Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Lib Dem flip flop?

At a St Brendans College meeting with politics students yesterday Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy said she favoured votes for 16 yr olds as the Labour candidate. I said I favoured this too, as the Green candidate. No Tory view was available to students because they couldn't get the candidate or a representative of her there. Lib Dem candidate Mike Popham said he wanted votes for 16 yr olds too - but I picked him up on this, as my recollection was that he had indicated in the DEMREF 2010 survey that he wanted the voting age to stay at 18. He categorically denied that he had done this but when I checked later I found that he had in fact returned the survey saying the voting age should stay at 18 (see screenshot, click to enlarge). So, is this an error of some sort on his or someones part or does he change what he says according to the audience in front of him (as Lib Dems often do)??


  1. Lib Dem policy is for votes at 16, so I guess Mike Popham was giving the party policy.

    Some Greens say they aren't funded by millionaires, have they forgotten Zac Goldsmith.

  2. No Anon he stated that in his view 16 yr olds should have a vote. He said caategorically that he had not completed a survey saying anything different - but as you can see from my blog post he certainly has. So, he is in error or he is lying.

    Zac Goldsmith very obviously does not fund the Greens - in fact he is a Tory Parliamentary Candidate and member of the Conservative Party!!

    Given the state of Green Party finances I doubt very much that we are being funded by any millionaires, righty or wrongly!! What is the relevance of this incorrectly made point to the issue in the blog post anyway??

  3. If you look now it says he believes in 16+ , as if it never existed!


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