Friday, April 09, 2010

Free schools meals for all children

I very strongly agree with Steve, who emailed me today (copied below). Its Green Party policy to provide all children with a meal at school free of charge. Our full policy statement on schools meals says,

'It will be a minimum requirement that all children are provided free of charge with a balanced nutritious lunch including local and organic non-GM food, free from additives. Vegetarian, vegan, religious and other dietary requirements will be catered for. Vending machines will only supply healthy snacks and not crisps, carbonated drinks and sweets. Schools will be encouraged to involve children in growing, preparing and cooking food. Not only will this provide invaluable and essential education in the importance of a good diet, but evidence shows it will greatly improve behaviour, quality of life and learning.'


I am writing to you because all children deserve a hot healthy meal at lunch time. Providing more free school meals will ensure that every child in your constituency realises their right to not go hungry and will reduce educational and health inequalities. They also make good economic sense as they reduce health care costs and increase educational standards.

As a Parliamentary candidate for my constituency I call on you to support the extended provision of free school meals to ensure that all children have a hot, healthy meal at lunch time.
Yours sincerely

Further Green policies on Young People and Education:

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