Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No joined up thinking from the "greenest government ever"

Hugh Muir's diary Politics The Guardian

'...of the 16 cabinet committees set up by the Con-Dems to cover cross-departmental issues...there not one to deal specifically with the environment... issues of biodiversity, the landscape, climate resilience and other activities of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs...pretty fundamental in terms of the economy, businesses, health, education, and so on. The Cabinet Office explains that environmental issues are usually covered by two other committees: home affairs and economic affairs. Interesting, then, to note that Caroline Spelman, the environment secretary, sits on only one of them (home), and neither mentions the environment in its remit. Nor do any of the other 14 committees. So how exactly is this the greenest government ever?...'

Answer - its not a green government at all let alone the greenest government ever! Joined up (systems) thinking - acknowledging and dealing with interrelated and interdependent matters - is perhaps THE key feature of being green.

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