Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Participatory Processes and Techniques for an Ecosystems Approach

- Participatory Processes and Techniques for an Ecosystems Approach

Passing on details of this consultation on decision making:

Consultation Status: Open. Open date: 30 August 2010. Close date: 17 September 2010

Views are invited on a draft introductory guide explaining how participatory processes and techniques can be used as part of an ecosystems approach to decision making.

The work has been funded by Defra as part of its Natural Environment Strategic Research Programme on embedding an Ecosystems Approach in to decision making.

We welcome constructive feedback on the quality and usefulness of any aspect of this document, as well as any suggestions for potential additions. The draft materials are at an advanced stage but they are not finalised.

We will consider all responses carefully and thank you for your time

This document is not endorsed by Defra.

Best wishes
Robert Fish
Project LeaderUniversity of Exeter.

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