Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flog the green spaces of the poor, give the money to the rich?

More on council plans to flog parks and green spaces in poorer areas - and raise money that could be spent in richer areas! Good for Clifton and Cabot that their green spaces wont be sold but in that case cant Hartcliffe, Southmead, Brislington, Stockwood etc be treated the same?

Not a single plot of land in either Cabot or Clifton has been put forward for sale, but they have one of the longest lists of parks that could be improved...

CASTLE Park in the city centre could be revamped as part of the green spaces plan, with a new footbridge crossing the River Avon.

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  1. Actually, BCC is still planning to flog off a big section of Castle Park to developers. If you look at their details of asset sales, you will see under 2013 a large sum of money for the sale of St Mary Le Port (their name for Castle Park when they want to sell it).

    Mind you, Castle Park is not exactly a rich part of town and they are planning to sell it to their mates, Deeley Freed.



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