Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flak for Cllr Gary Hopkins 'build over green spaces' tsar

Remove this superior, arrogant, rude - and undemocratic - Cllr from office the next time he stands for election - along with any who side with him.

L ISTENING to Councill0r Gary Hopkins made me extremely suspicious and concerned that the green spaces debate is a "fait accompli".

Mr Hopkins seemed to be on a different planet or wavelength regarding the reaction of the people living in the communities affected.
The majority of the communities are not in favour of these proposals, quite the reverse I would suggest, unless you are within an area that would be gaining some facility yet losing areas. Many people have attended meetings, responded to questionnaires, written letters and voiced opinions on these proposals, including those with a great love of their environment and years of community experience, plus others with a great deal of experience from their working careers.
Mr Hopkins' attendance at our local meeting was a disgrace as a representative of our council. His superior, arrogant and rude attitude towards those attending did nothing to present the council's proposals to attract useful comment or a reasoned discussion. It made those attending feel that "your thoughts are a waste of your time" and resulted in a majority vote for him to leave the meeting, which he did not...

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