Monday, November 22, 2010

Tesco ignore the need for planning permission??

Tesco were refused planning permission for the entranceway/doors and windows they wanted in the former Friendship Inn - but they appear to have gone ahead and installed them anyway! They have appealed against the refusal - but it cannot be right for them to install ahead of permission as this would make a mockery of the whole system. Obviously they feel they can give themselves permission!


  1. A Concerned Resident, By The FriendshipTuesday, November 23, 2010

    Get real Glenn, yet another non-post on this because it's the nasty Tescos.

    This is no different to any other business or household, they do it to get on with things, it's called retrospective planning. I would have thought someone who wanted to be part of government/local council would be fully aware of that.

    If they waited until everything was 100% approved nothing in this world would get done. Turning down the application was pathetic, typical Bristol City Council, it even took 3 different votes!!

    Any business would have no choice putting in the ramp because of disability laws. And refusing it because of changing a few windows is absurd.

    Myself and all my neighbours (mostly elderly by the way) who live within a 100m radius of it, unlike people over the other side of Wells Road, are glad to see it open, it is providing us with a superb selection of fresh fruit and vegetables and other produce at reasonable prices. It is a joy to shop in here unlike the existing shop opposite.

    And the way they have built it being sympathetic to the existing structure is excellent. Everyone I have asked say there is nothing wrong with it - but I expect you to make up some rubbish because you didn't get what you wanted.

    And where's all the hundreds of extra traffic you predicted along with it being unsafe for pedestrians? It's not and is much more safer than before.

    It is time for you to move on, you lost this one, get over it.

    It is without doubt the best thing that has happened to our area for years.

  2. Look up the meaning of the word PERMISSION 'Concerned Resident'. Retrospective planning is a contradiction in terms! Planning is about deciding on whether what someone intends is a good thing to permit BEFORE they do it! It would be pretty chaotic if everyone ignored getting planning permission as Tesco have. A company that claims to be listening to local wishes should have more respect for local planning processes.


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