Monday, January 31, 2011

Campaign for Dark Skies: CPRE/CfDS Orion Starcount

What you can do to help reduce light pollution

If you are as concerned about us with the amount of light wasted into the night sky, please consider doing one (or all!) of the following.

Ensure all your lights are pointing downwards, and that they are not spilling into the night sky.

Contact your local councilor via, and ask them what they are doing about the energy and money wasted by inefficient street-lighting in your area.

Contact you local MP via, to see what they are doing to reduce light pollution in your area and around the UK.

Contact any local businesses that have bad lighting, and recommend that they use efficient lighting instead. The cost of replacement can be saved in electricity bills in just a few years.

Contact the local press, to encourage more people to use efficient lighting in your neighbourhood.

CPRE/CfDS Orion Starcount

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