Friday, January 07, 2011

Illogical and unreasonable Cllr Hopkins

Those campaigning to save their local green spaces from being flogged certainly wont be thinking that their concerns are 'facile', though Knowle's Cllr Hopkins does (see quote below from today's Post). But we've come not to expect reason and logic from Cllr Hopkins and the Lib Dems on this. The consultations have, as very large numbers of people agree, been rubbish. The planned sell-off is a dud even on its own money raising terms because its very far short of its target - and not all income gained would be spent on parks and green spaces or in the localities that lose spaces in any case. As for buying more land than is sold: most will find this idea ludicrous and unbelievable at this time of huge spending cuts - and spending money undermines the amount available to spend on improving green space quality and access. Since Cllr Hopkins Lib Dems would be buying existing green spaces that are limited in supply the total green space of all kinds in Bristol will decrease as flogging proceeds and so people will lose the valuable functions their green spaces provide.

Liberal Democrats on the city council have used their majority to block an attempt to reconsider selling off parks and green spaces....
...The executive member responsible for the scheme, Gary Hopkins (Lib Dem, Knowle), rubbished any criticism of either the consultation or the plan.
He said: "It is facile to concentrate on things being flogged off.
"We know not everyone is going to be happy about every decision but that is what we are there for – to make those decisions strategically.
"Lots of people do want a large number of things in their parks but all of that costs money and it can't be magicked out of thin air."

Mr Hopkins said the council would also acquire more new land than it sold off...

Lib Dems Bristol City Council green spaces rethink


  1. Cllr Hopkin's ability to offend members of the public is legendary. Last night we witnessed this again at the call-in meeting when he shouted down a member of the public correcting one of his many errors!

    Mark Bradshaw

  2. I don't expect much from Cllr Hopkins - but I was surprised at the blatant way he went for the headlines with a comments that were misleading or downright dishonest - like claiming the other parties had attempted to scrap the whole Parks and Green Spaces Strategy in the November council debate. They hadn't, they just said the financial basis needs a rethink (which is pretty obvious!)

    People here in Stockwood, where 8 smallish sites are lined up for sale, will not be impressed by being told by Gary that Stoke Park might one day be a 'destination park' on the other side of the city! That makes our concerns 'facile'?

    The outcome last night was predetermined from the start - you could tell how each of the panel intended to vote by the way they posed questions. There was no serious consideration of the issues, it was just a charade.


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