Wednesday, April 20, 2011

38 Degrees | Don't Scrap Environment Laws

The government is planning to scrap green laws which protect our planet and help prevent climate change. Politicians claim that these important laws that reduce emissions, protect wildlife and the countryside are ‘red tape’ that we're better off without.We need to act fast to tell them that we want to keep these green laws. In many cases, public pressure led to the laws being made in the first place. Now, we need to work together to show that there’ll be a huge, people-powered outcry if they scrap these precious laws which protect our environment. Sign the petition to tell David Cameron and the government that we don't think these laws are 'red tape' and we want them protected.Click here for more information about the laws that are under threat, including links to detailed media coverage of this issue.

38 Degrees Don't Scrap Environment Laws

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  1. As the party of big business and free market evangelists, it comes as little surprise that the current government would like to reduce anything is sees as restricting business: Health and safety, environmental protection, public provision of services etc. etc.

    From this base philosophy there will emerge winners and losers. The government no doubt hopes the winners will be businesses, and any environmental losses are just tough luck.

    One surprise winner would be very large wind farm developments - normally conducted by large utility companies. Environmental "red tape" make their developments more expensive and difficult. Removing those protections, or re-interpreting national or EU regulations removes this troublesome "red tape". One such highly controversial development in Shetland (currently being objected to by RSPB and Scottish Natural Heritage on environmental grounds)would have more chance of being consented if the government re-wrote the rules on protecting the environment. The equally controversial Severn barrage project may well benefit under the same "relaxation" of environmental controls.
    Changing or re-interpreting environmental protection laws open the door to carpet bagging developers and dubious greenwash projects.


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