Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bigger Bristol??

Bristol's Tory leader Cllr Peter Abraham, says the council stands in the way of city interests but wants to extend control under one bigger Bristol authority to Kingswood, Keynsham, Portishead*... This potentially spreads the problems still further. He's been a very prominent feature of local politics on the council for decades but it appears it has not occurred to him that he is therefore part of the problem. He refers to the need for a new order so maybe voters should start by getting rid of him and the rest of the old order.

...Mr Abraham wants Bristol to be ambitious but feels the council often works against the city's best interests rather than for them.
He said: "I think my job as leader of the Conservative group is to get this council as a credible council.
"Bristol is a great place to work and live and even in times of great economic difficulties we are successful.
"But Bristol is successful in spite of the city council not because of it.
"I also want to be realistic. This is a city that seems to promise and not deliver.
"I think that's the perception. I think we tell people we're going to do things before realising we can't do them.
"How long have politicians been promising an arena? Then we had the Knowle West regeneration, with pages of Anthony Negus saying no one would be interested in doing it any other way.
"Then within three months it's all changed. Why don't we get it right?
"What I want is a new order in this city."

*Let's make Bristol bigger This is Bristol

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