Thursday, December 15, 2011

'Let them eat carbon'

Roger James: Climate change deal is no good for the planet Bristol24-7

Excellent article - here's an extract:

...These, then, are the achievements, but sadly these still leave the planet and particularly its poorest people hurtling towards catastrophic climate change. We have a roadmap, a timeline which might become a protocol, but meanwhile crucial action to limit greenhouse gas emissions is postponed for nine years.

Scientists believe global mean warming could reach about 3.5°C by 2100 with the current reduction proposals on the table. They are definitely insufficient to limit temperature increase to 2°C. Approximate estimates indicate that the most extreme costs will be felt in West Africa and South Asia, with residual damage of 3.5% of regional GDP for 2°C warming and 5-6% for 3°C warming.

With a 2°C warming, adaptation costs would be half those associated with a 3°C temperature rise. Global emissions, which have risen by nearly 50% in the past 20 years, must peak within the next five years. The prospect of stronger action on emissions in the years ahead was minimised, ensuring no new, deeper targets would take effect before 2020...

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