Monday, July 30, 2012

Scepticism squashed?

The BBC report that: A formerly sceptical climate scientist says human activity is causing the Earth to warm, as a new study confirms earlier results on rising temperatures...

...latest study, released early on Monday (GMT), concludes that the average temperature of the Earth's land has risen by 1.5C (2.7F) over the past 250 years.

...In a piece authored for the New York Times, Prof Muller, from the University of California, Berkeley, said: "Three years ago I identified problems in previous climate studies that, in my mind, threw doubt on the very existence of global warming.

"Last year, following an intensive research effort involving a dozen scientists, I concluded that global warming was real and that the prior estimates of the rate of warming were correct. I'm now going a step further: Humans are almost entirely the cause."...

Full story and access to lot of data, analysis, comment and debate via the BBC report here. Arguably it is because Prof Muller et al had a moderate, practical, pragmatic scepticism that he reasoned that a change of mind was justified by the evidence. Long may moderate, practical, pragmatic scepticism reign.


  1. Sainsbur McManusTuesday, July 31, 2012

    LOL, man who agrees with me is an intelligent man. Man who disagrees with me is stupid and ill-informed.

    You're right about AGW, now what?

  2. No, given that Prof Muller and I still disagree on many aspects of climate change what you say does not follow. Didnt you read his full views?

    The point I am making at the end of this post is that some people and organisations take their climate change scepticism so far that they fail to form their views on the basis of evidence and reasoning upon it. Prof Muller is not one of these people.

    As for 'now what?' I hope everyone at all levels in our society and around the globe takes whatever urgent action they can to cut their carbon emissions as much as they practically can. The debate on the core science has actually been settled in my view for many years now (this is also the view of the scientific advisers to virtually all governments around the world and most if not all of the key scientific institutions).


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