Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Give much higher priority to transport issues in Bristol

Today received a letter from the Transport for Greater Bristol Alliance requesting the views of individual candidates on their work. My reply is below:

For the attention of Pip Sheard, Transport for Greater Bristol Alliance

Many thanks for your letter asking me for my views on the Transport for Greater Bristol Alliance's Manifesto for Transport, which I received today.

I am a very strong supporter of a Transport Authority for Greater Bristol and signed the online petition you refer to in your letter a while ago. Transport issues of many kinds are very inadequately addressed currently, not least the funding levels for public transport.

I support all the main items in your manifesto and in fact feature transport and related issues a great deal in my election leaflet.

This is because of my leaflets focus on achieving a better quality of life and sustainability, the main obstacle to which in Bristol is the massive impact of current transport habits on air quality, noise, health, climate and open, green space.

I very much welcome all the good work you are doing and would do my best to advance the case for sustainable transport if elected to Bristol City Council.

Yours sincerely
Glenn Vowles
Green Party Candidate, Knowle Ward

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