Monday, September 24, 2007

Bristol City Council at it again ! More allotments to be flogged off for for building over

On Sept 6 I commented on the campaign to save allotments in Myrtle Drive, Shirehampton from being flogged off for building houses on. Today I read in today's local paper that Bristol City Council are at it again - wanting to sell off allotments in Bonnington Walk, Lockleaze for house building. The UKs 'green capital' would be doing the opposite of this ie trying its very hardest to up the number of allotments and the take up of allotments.

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  1. Just to add to your worries, Bristol City Council is currently advertising for an Allotments Officer, for which the first line of the blurb reads: "Would you like to be part of a dynamic team that has a nationwide reputation for innovative and successful ways of managing, promoting and regenerating allotments?"

    Regenerating allotments? What exactly do they mean? Regeneration as used by the council generally means bricks, mortar and developers. I think we should be told.


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