Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Good work from Kerry McCarthy MP but Govt policies on rail are inadquate

Good work from my MP Kerry McCarthy putting the spotlight on the need for much better rail services. We need more of this more often from all our MPs.

I'm afraid the current Labour Govt are not likely to adopt the policies or make the investments needed to achieve the vast improvement I'd like to see however. The last ten yrs have seen significant real terms increases in the cost of rail travel just when we need it to become cheaper, to help get people out of their cars much more.


  1. The bit about Demand Management in that manifesto worries me a bit:

    "TR020 A key distinction between Green Party transport policy and others is the emphasis on demand management rather than provision for anticipated demand. We want to provide what is necessary and efficient within ecological constraints. We reject simply providing for anticipated demand as wasteful, damaging and unsustainable."

    Does that mean rail travel will be rationed?

  2. Hi James! Good to see your interest in reading the green manifesto!! No, rail travel will not be rationed. Its a very green way to travel and so switching to this mode from cars and planes is to be encouraged.


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