Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bristol International Airport expansion - just who is it that is ignoring the crucial facts??

Its more than a touch rich for Bristol International Airport's James Gore to talk about facts being ignored, by anti-airport expansion campaigner Jeremy Birch, in his letter in today's Bristol Evening Post('Airport Campaigner gave only one side of the story', 3 April). After all, in the world James Gore and others who favour yet more airport expansion inhabit, this expansion apparently wont make climate change worse - despite what expert, nobel prize winning work by independent UN scientists says!! He needs to get real.

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  1. Having just seen that the price of crude oil is currently $110/barrel and in view of the fact that the price of crude will increase as it becomes scarcer, this just one crucial that Bristol's overgrown rustic aerodrome is choosing to ignore. Indeed I hope the rising price of oil might just curtail all current airport expansion plans: as the oil price rises, air travel (except by balloon) will once again become the preserve of the rich.

    Moreover, we might also see a bit more equity in the price of travel, which is completely insane in this country in that one can fly to Madeira and back for less than the price of a single train fare from Bristol to London


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