Monday, July 21, 2008

Money saved and choices gained through energy thrift

In times of rising prices its always nice to save some money, so I was very pleased to be able to contact my electricity and gas supplier (RSPB Energy) this morning and arrange for/confirm: a reduction in my monthly gas and electricity payments; a refund into my bank account of the balance of the two accounts. This is all basically down to being very heavily insulated and highly energy conscious (helped a little in recent months by being part of the Knowle West Carbon Makeover project). Far from affecting what I'm able to do its given me additional choices due to a little more money being available. For me its never acceptable to waste resources where avoidable, whether they cost a little or a lot, though no doubt many more people are now looking for savings due to the additional motivation from rising prices.


  1. Talking of peak everything, south Bristol has got one of the most active local Transition groups in the city:

  2. Indeed it has! Green Councillor in the areas too!

    I'd love to see such activity levels in BS4 too.

    I'm hoping that CASK,,
    will grow and become active - but it needs more people to commit themselves.


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