Friday, November 07, 2008

Road safety issues: Callington Rd/Wootton Park, Knowle

'A new road would attract more through traffic along Callington Road and Airport Road. When that gets too choked up (bad enough already isn't it?*) it'll be back to the Phase 3 plan...' says Stockwood Pete (Green campaigner Peter Goodwin) in an excellent post about the South Bristol Ring Road on his new blog.

*I've recently been approached by Knowle residents just off Callington Rd for help in campaigning for lowering the existing speed limits (the existing 40mph to 30mph and existing 30 mph to 20 mph near homes) and having speed/safety cameras installed. I'm fully supporting them and have initially helped them to get some supporting information and useful contacts.

Worries about accidents/safety, air pollution and noise are high amongst residents of Wootton Park in particular. My information is that at present they have got little or no support that satisfies them from the police and local Lib Dem Councillors Hopkins and Davies. I'm due to post another and more detailed blog entry about this after I've spoken to locals again for the latest but for the moment thought I'd log my involvement. There is some demand for a petition and media campaign....


  1. Stand by your beds when Gary reads this, Glenn...

    You can never be sure, but I would predict a furious reposte, which may or may not mention that Gary personally had you removed from the Liberal Democrats for driving a 4x4 to canvassing sessions.*

    *May not be strictly accurate...

  2. Excellent, I love a good row!

    Its certainly untrue that I drove a 4x4 to Lib dem canvassing sessions - I never went to any (only attended one Lib dem meeting and that was one too many!) and in any case I drive a tank!!

  3. Maybe - if you're provocative enough - you'll tease out the LibDems policy position on the Ring Road. It's pretty hard to tell at the moment.

    Meanwhile, I wonder if there are any studies showing the traffic impacts of encouraging more cars and lorries to use this 'short cut' that's being proposed through South Bristol. Given that Wootton Park already has traffic pollution enough to make it an 'Air Quality Management Control Area (AQMA)', it's not going to do much for people living there.

    If this road is built, I can see the AQMA beginning to stretch further out, along Callington Road and Airport Road - and probably through Withywood and Highridge.


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