Friday, May 08, 2009

Unite Against Fascism - Bristol

Greens will be supporting and taking part in tomorrow's Unite against Fascism Cavalcade:


The cavalcade will motor through the Bristol area, assembling at 10 am at Morrisons Car Park, Fishponds joining the March at Castle Park, central Bristol.

The March through the City Centre will assemble at Castle Park at 12 noon to the Fountains.

The rally will be held at the fountains opposite the Hippodrome at 2pm with speakers and music.

Event Supported by SW TUC,FBU, PCS, CWU, UNITE, NUJ, UNISON, NUT, Searchlight, Hope Not Hate,Make your Vote Count and several political organisations and communitygroups.

See the Unite Against Fascism - Bristol group on Facebook.


  1. Just saw "Unite against fascism" in action on the news (9/6/09) egging Nick Griffiths. Regardless of his policies, he is a democratically elected parliamentarian. Who are the Fascist thugs now? Is it not the UAF thugs as demonstrated on film. I think so>

  2. You lot are not doing yourselves any favours by acting like common thugs, It's a free country and people vote for who they believe in and if that's BNP then so be it. Because you do not agree with their policies you think you can follow them around and shout your hate for them and be physically aggressive, all you are doing is shaming yourselves and showing British people what type of people that you are..... Bullies.

  3. For the record: I oppose and condemn the egging and any similar tactics. They are both wrong and unnecessary and counter-productive. If I get elected I would not want such tactics used against me.

    I favour strong, persistent campaigning against racists, fascists and nazis, which the BNP are, but want non-violent, non-agressive working, focussed on revealing their true nature and countering their claims and policies. The spotlight should be on the BNP organisation and its workings and its MEPs and Councillors eg the law says they should not have discriminatory practices or stir up racial hatred...

    My comment should make it clear, I hope, that I am an anti-fascist and anti-nazi but am not part of the 'You lot' or 'Bullies' which the second Anon comment refers to.

    Both Anon commenters would I hope condemn the BNPs racism, fascism, nazism and history of violence - we fought the second world war to keep such people from running our country. The country does not support the BNP except in small pockets and there has been no increase in support for the BNP - a few MEPs got elected because the Labour vote collapsed.

  4. Glen how will non violent action prevent racist attacks, or the ascendence of fascist groups like the BNP, and their wanabe parmilitary buddies from Redwatch? so do you think non violence would have stopped Hitler or Musolini´s blackshirts? are you advocating working class people who are attacked by fascists fold their arms and take a kicking, as a victory for non violent direct action? or to gain the moral ´upperhand´ by complain how nasty those fascists are.

    Sorry but I think the issues is more complex then you would have us believe, racist attacks in general are barbaric and brutal.

    Marlon Thomas is one example, he was brutally beaten in St pauls by a gang of racists and left paralized (cc.1990´s). There was also another case in Hengrove a few years ago where a young asian lad, on his way home from school had acid thrown in his face, by to balaclavaed white racists. Lets be clear the BNP and their allies in UK and Europe, will effectively eliminate any opposition if allowed to gain even a percentage of clout within the political arena. You may think that green liberalism will save you/us, but if 1939 is anything to go by I will be alongside you suffocating in the gas chambers or lined up waitng for my last breath in front of the firing squad.

    The BNP of late have been taking atvantage of the economic and politcal crisis in Government, helped by both Labour and the Concervatives as well as the media. I might not agree with the politics of UAF, but on this occasion i must congratulate them on their mobilisation and egging of Nick Griffin BNP Furher.

    Working class traditions of resistance to fascism and state oppression must be reclaimed and understood. Working class people fought Mosleys fascists and defeated them on the streets using more militant expressions of Direct action then even the most recent egging of BNP´s said leader.

    I remember as a child seening members of my community in North Bristol come on to the street to chase off National Front thugs, after they´d attemted to stir up trouble in the area against working class asian families.

    I was also witness as a child to violent racist attack against a young black friend of mine who was beaten by a gang of racist from St george, simply for beening the wrong skin tone in ´their´area. I saw this as a ten year old and all I could do was look on in fear.

    Racism and Fascism are more then just ideologies they are exploiters and dividers of working class people, who have proved time and again that they are prepaired to use violence against any adversary that stand in the way of their plans for a white-supremacist uk.


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