Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zero Meals Per Gallon...

I've been a supporter of Action Aid, through being a child sponsor and participating in a variety of campaigns for decades now. Today sent postcards (see copy in bold italic below) to Lord Adonis at the Dept of Transport and Ed Milliband at the Dept for Energy and Climate Change, supporting Action Aid's campaigning against industrial biofuels. We need to oppose the rush to use biofuels in cars and in power stations like the one proposed for Avonmouth (many previous posts on this). There are many genuine solutions to transport problems (proper investment in efficiency, light rail, local bus services, walking, cycling, local employment and shopping...) and energy problems (free insulation for all homes, wind, tidal and solar power...).

I don't want poor people's food pumped into cars. Action Aid estimate that the UK's continued commitment to biofuels will help push 600 million more people into hunger by 2020. What's more, your own review showed industrial biofuels could be worse for climate change than fossil fuels!

I want the Department for Transport to put the brakes on the increased use of industrial biofuels in the 2010 National Renewable Energy Action Plan, and concentrate on genuine solutions to the climate crisis, as a first step towards meeting my demand for Zero Meals Per Gallon.
Please consider going to Action Aid's website to see how you can support this campaign.
[Its worth mentioning that all political parties in Bristol except the Greens advocated and fully endorsed going for using corn starch plastic bags as part of the brown bin food waste recycling system - several posts about this. They also deprive people of land to grow food of course].

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  1. Hi!

    I'm the biofuel campaigner for ActionAid and I wanted to thank you and all your readers for supporting our campaign against biofuels.

    The Government is currently considering increasing the amount of biofuels in our petrol and diesel by four-times. This is despite all the science which shows that biofuels are exacerbating world hunger and making cliamte change worse.

    We are holding a live debate on 16th February at the London Transport Museum exploring the solutions that biofuels offer as well as the problems that they pose. If you are interested in coming along please visit http://www.actionaid.org.uk/102260/join_the_big_biofuel_debate.html.

    And keep talking about biofuels... let's move the issue up the agenda so we can avoid a human and environmental disaster.

    Best wishes



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