Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thoughts on The Age of Stupid

Having presided over the showing of The Age of Stupid and ensuing discussion at The Thunderbolt pub yesterday evening, here are a few thoughts from the notes I made. There is no lack of human ingenuity or 'grey matter' (as someone in the film put it), so if we set our minds to a task we can achieve success - including building the fair and green society needed to cut and cope with climate change. We need to re-establish the idea of leaving the world a better place as our notion of progress as opposed to passing on ever-larger problems to future generations. Its no good pretending climate change is not happening, going along with predominant public thinking, or talking about issues but not taking action - the established facts are that we need a total re-ordering of society to solve problems, take opportunities and secure our health and wellbeing. Happiness is not 'stuff'. Climate change is ultimately something of a leveller, with rich and poor at the mercy of natural forces. Are we knowingly going to wipe ourselves out? Surely not. Do we think we are worth saving? Yes!

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