Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why vote Green? Part Eight...

On environmental issues Greens are several decades ahead (see picture and report from 1989 for instance; click to enlarge). We continue to lead the way: illustrating the interdependence of our economy and society with the environment; protecting green spaces from inappropriate housing, road and other developments; prioritising refurbishment of empty properties; pushing for affordable housing on brownfield sites to meet local needs; working for car-free and energy-efficient developments; putting public transport and the needs of pedestrians and cyclists before motorists; protecting woodlands and open, natural and green spaces; obtaining funding to restore derelict land; working for high air, water and land quality.

We are widely recognised for our environmental leadership. Greens are particularly keen to stress policies on the economy, health, education, transport, defence and so on in addition to and in combination with environmental ones. Our economic and social systems exist within the environment and are dependent upon it and Greens – being joined up thinkers – address all issues AND how they interrelate. This is essential if we are to solve problems, take opportunities and secure our wellbeing.

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