Friday, September 10, 2010

Promoting re-use with award-winning art by local artist and designer

A local reclamation company are working to raise the profile of re-use. They have started working with award-winning Bristol artist Claire Danthois who re-uses reclaimed materials in her designs. See

Bristol's Claire Danthois is at the forefront of the sustainable design movement and expresses her personal belief in environmental responsibility through the creation of provocative, functional sculptures built exclusively from reclaimed materials. Danthois’ philosophy is rooted in the belief that the former lives of found objects provide a rich context and an intrinsic beauty that enhances her work.

Finding inspiration in human anatomy and the natural world, Claire began working with metals during her time at Plymouth University, shaping furniture into organic forms, using steel rods. This experience fuelled Claire’s further exploration in building three-dimensional forms, ultimately resulting in her reclaimed timber series titled "Once Discarded"(see pictures). Danthois first gained recognition in 2007 for the "Once Discarded" collection; the "Once a Door" chair in particular was awarded first place in British newspaper The Guardian’s "Top 10 Eco Furniture" article and METRO Home magazine named it one of "Finest Recycled" designs of the year.

Claire’s works have been displayed primarily in London, at the Eco Design Fair, New Designers Fair and The Islington Contemporary Art Fair, to name a few. In late 2007, Claire’s award-wining piece, "Once a Door", was exhibited at the Utterubbish SIT UP [re]Design in Singapore. A recent project was a collaboration with Newton Vineyard entitled "Re-Inspired Elements: A Tasting Installation."
Robert Mills Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of architectural and decorative antiques and is one of the original reclamation companies in the UK. In partnership with Robert Mills Architectural Antiques, Claire is currently producing custom commissions of her award-winning "Once a Door" chairs. In the coming year Claire aims to create a series of public art pieces in partnership with communities that share her hope for a more sustainable future.

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