Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bristol will merge with Bath by 2050????

I thought it was 9 Dec today not the 1 April! What ridiculous rubbish this prediction is - and its also ridiculous that its taken John Savage, his 'expert' team of town planners and £250,000 to come up with this idea and say that its a good thing!

WITHIN 40 years, Bristol and Bath will have merged into a single sprawling conurbation – to become one of the major economic powerhouses of Europe.

What will this mighty new supercity be known as? "BristolBath", is the name on the lips of John Savage, executive president of GWE Business West. Some might even shorten this to Brath.

The chamber of commerce has spent £250,000 on creating a new "blueprint" for the way Bristol will evolve over the next two generations.

Mr Savage, and his team of expert town planners, are predicting that Bristol will be a very different place by 2050...

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  1. Mr Savage clearly doesn't believe that green belts are going to be upheld for much longer, then.


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