Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Full council wont debate Bristol primary school closures and mergers: what sort of local democracy is that!!

Its outrageous that the issue of reorganising Bristol's primary schools, to create fewer and bigger institutions, is not going before the full council ('We will fight plan to merge Bristol schools', Bristol Evening Post, 17 June). There is plenty of concern (its a really big issue to close some schools and merge others...) and so more discussion and more democratic involvement is fully justified. The debate has for me always been about the council and government putting money before the quality of educational experience - its now an issue of local democracy too.

Sign the online petition to save St George's Primary from closure here:

Visit the St Georges Primary School website: http://www.stgeorgeprimary.ik.org/p_Home.ikml

Sign the online petition to save Stockwood Green Primary here:


Visit the Stockwood Green Primary School website: http://www.stockwoodgreen.ik.org/

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